Saturday, 24 August 2013

EWA has moved!

Hello again, dear viewer of the blog :-)

Last Friday the 23rd was the first evening in the club location a the Ballarat Table Tennis Center. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the venue and well well it was all set out with sectioned off tables plenty of lighting.

Our little corner of the world.

There were quite a few games going on and what follows are the games I managed to capture. I say managed because there was apparently a 40k game between Shane and Tim that lasted only 1 or 2 turns. Seriously. :p

First up was a quick game of Dust Tactics between Rob and Steve which lasted 90 - 60 mins:

Next up was a Tyranid vs Tyranid game between Ben and Tyson which, at the time of viewing, was very close:

winged death scans the field for its next victim

3 games of Warhammer were played, the first of which was a High Elf vs Vampire Counts:

.. then a Tomb Kings vs Bretonnian tussle:

A lone wizard just chillin'

.. and finally a test game between myself and Steve using my armies of the Lizardmen and the Ogre Kingdoms:

skirmisher skinks nut up and take a Stonehorn head on

an Ancient Stegadon's charge proves too much for a battered group of ogres

That'll do for now. I'm tired from a tournament yesterday which I didn't do too well in. Next time I'll read my army book a liter better before submitting my army list :p
I'll post a few pictures of my matches during the week for all to peruse.

As always feel free to comment and enjoy the rest of your week.

Cheers - Ben, Keeper of the blog.

Monday, 12 August 2013

The moving begins... 9th of August 2013

Good evening! (or morning or afternoon depending on when you're reading this)

Last Friday was a bit light on actual gaming due to a mass move of gaming terrain.

As of the 23rd of August, EWA will be moving to the Ballarat Table Tennis Centre over in Dowling St, Wendouree due to the government doing some election thingo soon and the current hall is being annexed.

Terry and a couple of pieces of scenery.

So there wasn't a lot of gaming going on but i did manage to have captured a snippet of a WHFB 2500 pt game between my Lizardmen and Shamps' Bretonnians:

Just after the turning point...

what looks to be a very in-depth, complex discussion regarding a lone jungle swarm base.
This was a game to test my new lizardmen book and the new additions to it's roster. Shamps was testing Questing Knights which he hasn't used in a Bret army before.

As the caption to the middle picture states, turn 3 was a deciding factor in this game. Originally, Shamps would have destroyed my block of saurus warriors with a double charge of knights, then overrun into a poorly placed Slann, almost guaranteeing a victory. Seeing as neither of us had at that point, used any of the units we brought specifically for this game, there wasn't much point in ending things there.

So both agreed to play out in an alternate direction. Instead of my saurus warriors breaking, fleeing, getting run down, my losing the game, we'll play as if my saurus made the snake eyes needed to hold their ground and keep fighting.

In the end, my Troglodon (new unit) didn't do much but roar once helping my saurus fight a little better, his Questing Knights removed from the game: a swarm, a Bastiladon (another new unit) and a skink cohort with priest. Sadly they receiving a fatal flank charge for it's troubles at which point we called it game.

An interesting match with lessons learned, discussions discussed and enjoyment had.

In next weeks episode.. I dunno, I haven't thought that far ahead. Stay tuned I guess :p

Cheers- Ben R

Sunday, 4 August 2013

EWA meet 02 / 08 / 2013.. the goings on.

Last Friday the 2nd of August there were a few games of 40k in progress when I rocked up.

Here's what was going down:

Rob vs Michael in a 2000 pt bout:

what looks to be a very one sided fist fight.

Shane vs Tyson in a 1750 matchup:

A smaller 1400 pt between Steve and Taiga was just being setup at the time of taking of the photo:

Ork vs Marines

 ...and lastly we have a 3000pt Epic tussle between myself and Shamps:

Note how detailed my lack of paint work on my Eldar is  :p

A duo of titans stare down the barrel of a Khorne mechanical monster.
Little did they know only one of them would survive the fight.

Thus concludes the gaming round up from 2nd August. :-)
Please feel free to leave comments or make suggestions as this blog will probably evolve into something else later down the line.

Cheers - Ben R

First post!!

The Eureka Wargamers Association blog has been created! 

I'll attempt to update what's happening over at EWA and give everyone updates about the club itself, games that're being played, cool figures people have brought in and battle scores if I can be bothered :p

Please send any feed back though and I'll respond when I can.

Cheers - Ben R