Sunday, 4 August 2013

EWA meet 02 / 08 / 2013.. the goings on.

Last Friday the 2nd of August there were a few games of 40k in progress when I rocked up.

Here's what was going down:

Rob vs Michael in a 2000 pt bout:

what looks to be a very one sided fist fight.

Shane vs Tyson in a 1750 matchup:

A smaller 1400 pt between Steve and Taiga was just being setup at the time of taking of the photo:

Ork vs Marines

 ...and lastly we have a 3000pt Epic tussle between myself and Shamps:

Note how detailed my lack of paint work on my Eldar is  :p

A duo of titans stare down the barrel of a Khorne mechanical monster.
Little did they know only one of them would survive the fight.

Thus concludes the gaming round up from 2nd August. :-)
Please feel free to leave comments or make suggestions as this blog will probably evolve into something else later down the line.

Cheers - Ben R

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