Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Remember remember the 6th of September

Hi Ho viewers! How's things? I'm good thanks, just chugging along... doing the usual. I went clubbing last Friday and had a run of a new army list. Wanna see? Well rightio :-)

There were only a few games running when I rocked up which consisted of a game of Warmachine:

... one very large game of 40k (doubles?):

come at me bro!

the Necrons try to hide in the trees.. unsuccessfully.

the Eldar tank in the distance decides to take a nap

A learning game of WHFB:

the can back there isn't a proxy >_>


double crunch!

...and another game of WHFB:

poison from the skinks didn't seem to work this time

rear charge into a magic chaos snail!

That'll do pig, that'll do. Who'd of thought that line from the movie Babe was actually referencing the future, more specifically the 11th of Sep 2013 when I completed uploading photo's to this blog! Amazing! :p

Eagle eyed viewers may notice the free standing microphone in the middle of the playing table 3 pic up. That was the beginning of a possible new podcast (yet to be named, edited or even released) between a bunch of us EWA members (EWAns?) talking crap while playing a game.
I'll post more news about this as it develops.

If you have game scores form any of the above battle, or better yet a battle report, shoot it on through to me:  rantallb@gmail.com and I'll type it up and spit it out onto the interwebs.

Until next time folks,

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