Sunday, 22 September 2013

Double Post all the way!! So intense!!

I have returned from my slumber. Sorry about not getting a post up last week, but other activities got in the way / work (read: I couldn't be bothered at the end of the day).

So Today I've crammed in a tonne of pics taken from both myself and Lachie (again, could be bother last Friday :p) from the previous two EWA meets. Lets get it on!

First up is the collection of 40k pics taken from 2 weeks ago:

Eldar vs Imperial Guard (coupled with Eldar?)-

Ork vs Space Marines... or ork flesh vs tank treads :s-

waaaggghttt are they going to do against hose huge tin cans?

More space Elves pew pewing Marines-

kings of the hill

Then we move onto Warhams Fantasy:

An undead showdown between the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts:

both armies fly across the field ... ... ...

... come turn 5 they finally engage in combat

Lizardmen vs Dwarves (in classic castle formation):

the lizard hoard just cant keep up with the lizard ponies 

The Scar-Veterans show the Dwarves the meaning of annoying

7 days forward we have a collection of pics from the latest EWA meet:

Space Marine learner drivers...

a nice fair 3 on 14 punch on

Marines charge toward evil space elves:

the Lizards hiss at the Skaven line...

... the Skaven retort with an overpowered, totally unbalanced chitter :p
(update the Skaven book alread GW!!)
And that's all the time I can allocate to this post. I'm sorry if you had a breakdown from my absence, it won't happen again until the next time I do it.

Comments or criticisms are always appreciated and welcomed.

Until next time chaps,

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