Thursday, 5 December 2013

Images of EWA meets past

Good Friday one and all!

First up, I apologize for not posting last week but there wasn't much happening at the club and it would of been a very small post. So I decided to merge 2 weeks into one... wait a minute... why am I apologizing? The reason why I didn't post was because YOU weren't there (only 3 games were on that week)! 
Seeing as I'm a forgiving, generous, kind and humble person so I'll forgive you this time :p

So, with your excuses and apologies out of the way, lets get down to viewing some piccies eh? Good.

Mmmkay, first off we've a game of something I'm not too sure of (EDIT: I've since been told that this game is Urban War)

... some hot 40k action, Marines vs Space Elves:

.. and good ol' fashioned WHFB match up, Warriors of Chaos vs Lizardmen:

skinks everywhere!

it took near 5 turns for this Daemon Prince to knock downs this Skrox unit!

we also have a couple of games of Necromunda which is in season right now:

Game 1.

The Predator?

Game 2.

and an inaugural WHFB game for one of our members, Warriors of Chaos (Slaanesh flavoured) vs Dwarfs:

For something a little different in flavour, Malifaux:

Over on the right of the bus you'll see a game of Warhammer 40,000 in mid flight...

the Eldar sneak into the Chaos base while the vehicles were asleep.

... and over on the left of the bus you'll see a game of Warmachine in action:

A game of Triumph & Treachery was on the table last week, the first of what I assume will be many games of this very enjoyable WHFB expansion.
Bretonnians with Skaven mercenaries vs Dwarfs solo vs Lizardmen with Chaos mercenaries:

So that's what's been happening at the club these past 2 weeks.
In store tonight will be yet another game of WHFB where I'll test out my Cancon tournament list and Necromunda continues it's revival. What else is on? *shrugs* You'll have to pop down and see.

Until then dear dice throwers,

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