Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The end is nigh

Hello viewers!

How's it? I'm good thanks, just gearing up for the end of year festive celebrations. Speaking of which, this coming Friday will be the last EWA meet for the year and is set to re-open it's doors in January. If i'm not mistaken, the club will be closed for 2 weeks.

It's not closed yet though so all the games are still being played. Look I'll prove it to you with pictures:

New to the club (as far as I know) were a group playing some Star Trek, which was good to see a different game on the tables..

40k was also on the tables where an interesting match up of Daemon vs Landcruisinators.
Shane brought along the newly released rules for Be'lakor and for giggles, a host of greater Daemons. In response Andrew brought along a land cruiser and terminator opposition...

Another game of Malifaux was being played...

... as well as a very entertaining game of WHFB where I got to test my Cancon Lizardmen list...

this is the result of 10 skinks shooting with blowpipes. Poison FTW!

Frustratingly for Shamps, this happened twice. His Grail knights held up by 1 skink which passed a break test... twice.

... and the Necromunda campaign was being continued:

That's it! Only one more post until the end of the year! Lets try and make the last meet for 2013 a big one.

As always feel free to leave comments or critiques, they're a great help to make this blog feel less dead :p

Other than that, see you Friday!

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