Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September 27..err.. something something heaven?

Ok, first off, the post title ... I haven't had breakfast so I'm not the most imaginative so shut up :p

Now that I've gotten my title defence out of the way, how about some piccies? Yes? Righto then...

How about for a change we'll start off with some WHFB in which I was able to play 2 x 1500 pt games to test my Dark Gathering tournament list (which will be taking place this Sunday 6th.. stay tuned for a report):

The first game was vs a dirty Warriors of Chaos list..

the crushers line up to charge and smash some little lizards....

.... to which the the bigger lizards seek vengeance

My 2nd game was vs the Vampire Counts...

no, that isn't a terrorgheist proxy in the corner >_>

a hoard of lizards send the hoard of grave guard back to the grave.. to .. guard :s

40,000 years later there is still only war.. still...

Filthy Orkses vs the dudebros.. err.. marines:

party at Franks place...

... and here is the line to get into said party

not to be outdone by the Orks, the Marines host their own party...

"No Homer's allowed"

The ghostly 'Nids attempt to chew through the wall of Imperial Guard flesh..

40 vs 1 seems fair?

Just a single shot of an Eldar / Marines biffo:

and lastly we have the Imperial Guard charging towards some Marine tanks., hoping their squishy bits would rust up the tank treads:


There we go. Another day, another blog post. :)

Advance Warning!! My next blog post will probably be delayed due to myself house sitting for a friend next week for a couple of weeks, so until I get my PC connected to the internets I obviously can't upload a post :s
I promise that it'll be a double post though as I'll send through a report on the Dark Gathering tournament Shamps and I will be attending this Sunday.

Until then, don't get blown away from the crazy weather we've been having recently and feel free to comment on what you've seen today.

Cheers - Bensome

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