Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October's last stand

Gooooooood evening, good evening, good evening,

That last games night for October 2013 went off like milk on a hot day with plenty of games occupying tables.
Straight Geedub games this week with only 40k and WHFB being played.

So lets get to it. We'll kick off with a slew of sci-fi pew pews, the first in line being a small skirmish training match:

Second in line is a Necron vs Ork smashup:

Just a little bit outnumbered

Waaarrrghh!! (I assume)
pimp my ride?

Wraiths disassemble an ork garbage truck

Coming in third is a Tyranid vs Dark Elf Eldar kerfuffle:

The Green Goblin chases off a few xenomorphs

Now we'll take a trip back in time to visit how the Fantasy folk are keeping, starting off with an Orc & Skaven match:

so... many.. rats

check out the size difference from the old ed Orcs on the left to the newer ed fellas on the right.

ahh the A-bomb... dirty as mud :p

Then we have Lizardmen vs daemons of the Nurgle variety (with a sprinkling of Khorne):

How to win a WHFB game. Step 1: get Nurgle Prince in forest into combat...

Step 2: Win
The above daemon army belongs to infrequent club visitor Jake who made his own daemons for the most part. I think you'll agree that they looks suitable Nurglish.

... aaaaand we're done. Now seeing as I won't be attending the club this coming Friday due to celebrations of the Halloween and birthday types, I'll instead post the long awaited Dark Gathering tournament write up.

Until then dear readers, take care.