Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wise fwom your gwave...

I have returned!! :-D Released from my tour of house sitting in an internet deprived region of the country, I can now unload a torrent of images from the last couple of EWA meets, tonights meet (probably posted tomorrow morning), and a tournament report that Shamps and myself attended a little while ago.

The post today will be featuring images from the last couple of EWA meets, which were a little quiet. I'll post the tournament report in a separate page to keep things nice and organised. Lets gets this thing started!

First up is a couple of pictures from an Orc & Gobbo army that I had sitting in a box. I brought it along to sell in part to another club member and as I was super early, myself and another member Tom thought "Bugger it, we're bored.. lets see exactly what was in the box" (I hadn't counted what was in there for years) ...

The complete horde ... with added chaos warriors >.>

Chaos warrior leader.. on a pig.. 'cos we can

 Next up were a couple of games of 40k ... now since it's been a couple of weeks I can't remember exactly who was playing what, so I'm just going to post these photos as a lump:

A Marine and Eldar shoot out:

... and a Chaos Marine vs robots:

this is what happens when you don't update your firmware

 ...and lastly, representing the WHFB section, we have my Lizards vs Skaven in one match then a week or two later, vs Ogres:

run rats, ruuunnn!

there will be blood

 So that bring my revival to an end for today. Stay tuned as I'll upload my Dark Gathering WHFB tournament report up in the next couple of days, as well as the goings on at the club tonight (25/10/13).

Oh also, can someone please comment something.. I want to see how it works 'n stuff on my end, plus I'm feeling oh so lonely :p



  1. Robots indeed ! The necrons will not be pleased to be called that

  2. Hooray! The comments work :p Thanks Terry.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Does much WHFB go on there? its the only system I am into these days.

    1. We have a regular crew of fellas who play WHFB (myself being one of them). there's also a couple of people who're learning the system too. :-)

  4. Ok cool, might have to make an appearance when I get a chance.